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Six-Pound Yorkshire Terrier Scares Off Bear VIDEO:

July 27, 2013 Six-Pound Yorkshire Terrier Scares Off Bear From Owner Deborah Epstein’s Home A 6-year-old Yorkshire terrier named Joe has proved that size really is just a number. The pooch was able to fend off a young bear that entered the home of his owner, Deborah Epstein, in Ringwood, New Jersey. According to CBS […]

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Treats can reassure your scared dog

July 26, 2013: Treats can be a useful tool for dog owners. Giving Rover a well-timed treat may help him overcome his fears. Q: Our dog is afraid of the vacuum. He will run and hide when we bring it out. Someone suggested that we give him treats, but we don’t want to reward his […]

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The right sniff: Training pet dogs to follow their nose

July 26, 2013: Unique learning and research When you open the door to a science lab at Dal, you expect to find hard-at-work grad students, rows of microscopes, stacks of test tubes and other scientific equipment. Open the door of Simon Gadbois’ lab, however, and chances are the first thing you’ll encounter is a slobbery […]

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12 of the world’s top dog friendly hotels

July 26, 2013 Dog Friendly Hotels Last month, a British company launched the world’s first dog-holiday package. For $70,000, your pampered pooch will get a run along a beach with an Olympic sprinter, a private screening of “Lassie,” a Louis Vuitton dog collar, counseling sessions and a stay at England’s Paw Seasons dog hotel. It’s […]

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Dog owner throws raccoon to save pet: VIDEO

Watch dog owner hurl raccoon to save his pooch. CNN’s Jeanne Moos reports on a raccoon launched like a shot put.

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Researchers prove dogs are able to differentiate colors

July 25, 2013: A team of researchers in Russia has conducted a series of experiments that prove that dogs are able to distinguish between different colors. In their paper published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, the team describes the experiments with dogs they conducted and the results they found. For much of history, […]

Wrigley was just 4 weeks old when his mother and 7 siblings were found poisoned. the daily dog news canada

Update from Soi Dog shelter

July 25, 2013: THE SAD STORY OF WRIGLEY… Wrigley was just 4 weeks old when his mother and 7 siblings were found poisoned. Alone and hungry he was trying to get milk from his dead mother. He is now at Soi Dog shelter, where he is getting intensive care as at only 4 weeks old […]

Dog killed in vicious attack by another dog

July 25, 2013: DELHI, ON – Wendy Rhona always kept her little cockapoo, Bayley, on a leash. “It’s for his own safety,” Rhona recalled telling a friend. However on Monday, the leash did little to protect Bayley from a bullmastiff/boxer mix that was running loose on Imperial Street in Delhi. The bullmastif viciously attacked the […]

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SPCA rescued over 80 dogs from Paris-area home

July 24, 2013: Maltese-Yorkshire terrier cross dogs wait their turn to have their coats cleaned after the Brant County SPCA rescued 19 of them from a Paris-area home on Tuesday. More than 80 dogs were rescued from “horrific” living conditions in a Paris-area home by animal control and SPCA officers on two separate occasions in […]

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Jim Buck, Who Made Walking Dogs a Job, Dies at 81

July 24, 2013: There are eight million occupational stories in New York City, and none cries Gotham louder than that of the professional surrogate — the shrewd city dweller who spies a void that other New Yorkers are too hurried, harried or hard-pressed to fill and rushes enterprisingly in. Over time, the city has spawned […]