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Couple Brought Together by Guide Dogs Falling in Love

July 13, 2013: He made the romantic gesture on Valentine’s Day – the same day ITV show Me And My Guide Dog were due to film the pair at the Shrewsbury training course. Mark, aged 52, of Long Meadow, Westbury Park, said: “During the training our two dogs, Rodd and Venice, seemed to know something […]

Mall’s Pet Patrol keeps an eye out for dogs left in hot cars

July 11, 2013: Stationed at one of the five main entrances of Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre, Abdul is one of 10 security guards looking out for the little guy. Namir Abdul smiled after asking a driver if he had pets in his car. “Way to go man, you keep those pets safe,” the passenger said […]

Traveling With Pets Overseas: A Guide to Some Quirky Rules

July 9, 2013: You’ll be relieved to hear that transporting your sled dog team to Europe just got a little easier. Previously, according to EU regulations, no one could take more than five animals across the borders of EU member countries. Now, if you can prove you are headed to a competition, exhibition, or recreational/sporting […]

American Dog Breeds Hail From Pre-Columbian Times

July 10, 2013 Researchers find limited European influence on dog breeds native to America. The tangle of questions regarding the ancestry of dog breeds indigenous to the Americas is slowly unraveling. Unlike the poodles that populate many a household, native American dog breed lineages originated from East Asian canines, with little genetic influence from European […]

Owners of confiscated dog followed city bylaw

July 9, 2013: The St. Catharines family who had their beloved dog taken away for chaining him up in their backyard may have been doing the right thing according to a city regulation. A bylaw that’s been on the books in St. Catharines since 1995 says that if a dog is big enough to jump […]

Why your ‘perfect puppy’ might actually need training

July 6, 2013 : Q: We have just adopted the perfect puppy. She follows us around and comes when called. On walks, she stays right by my side. She is so obedient; she does not even need a leash. Friends are suggesting that we sign her up for puppy classes. I fail to see why […]

27 dogs rescued from suspected hoarder

July 6, 2013 : A group of neglected dogs rescued by the province from a rural property in Manitoba have been released from quarantine. The dogs were seized nearly two weeks ago. The 27 border collie mixes, were offloaded from mini-vans by volunteers. Their fur was falling out in clumps, their coats matted with their […]

Hand signals vs. visual signs: Which is better to train your pet?

July 4, 2013: Q: I saw a trainer using hand signals with his dog. Our pet learned verbal commands in dog training class. Which is better: hand signals or verbal commands? A: Hand signals are visual signs used in place of verbal commands. Both are useful for communicating expectations to pets. One is not necessarily […]

Canine cancer war is helping humans, not dogs

July 4, 2013: Announcement: I have had it. It has now officially been had by me. I had just finished reading, after almost athletic avoidance, The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer, the behemoth of a depressing book by American doctor Siddhartha Mukherjee that won a Pulitzer in 2011. It’s a history of […]

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Maltese Weight Chart and Growth Chart

Maltese Weight Chart and Growth Chart Please note that this Maltese Weight Chart and Growth Chart is only an estimate of your new Maltese Puppies weight as he/she grown into an full grown adult. There are many variables that can influence weight. Some variables that can influences your Maltese Puppy’s weight are: Food Quality & […]