27 dogs rescued from suspected hoarder

July 6, 2013 :

A group of neglected dogs rescued by the province from a rural property in Manitoba have been released from quarantine.

The dogs were seized nearly two weeks ago. The 27 border collie mixes, were offloaded from mini-vans by volunteers. Their fur was falling out in clumps, their coats matted with their own filth.

Hull’s Haven Border Collie Rescue is placing the dogs in foster care.

Sally Hull, the founder of Hull’s Haven, told CBC News the dogs were apprehended from a suspected hoarder. She said while 27 collies survived many more had to be euthanized.

Seven of the dogs will be shipped out to Calgary on Sunday through a special program called Pilots N Paws Canada.

Three pilots will be flying into Winnipeg from Calgary to take the dogs and place them with an Alberta dog rescue group.

Two other dogs were flown to a British Columbia shelter on Friday.

Hull said there aren’t enough foster homes in Winnipeg to handle all 27 of the surviving dogs.

Watch video by CBC News:

Source: CBC News

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