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More Empathy for Battered Dogs than Battered Adults

August 9, 2013: Adult human crime victims receive less empathy Adults have more empathy for battered dogs and puppies than they do for battered adults, according to new research to be presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association in New York City, but the difference in empathy for children and puppies is […]

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Dogs help sniff out ovarian cancer in Pa. study

August 9, 2013: The ovarian cancer detection study Researchers trying to develop a diagnostic tool for ovarian cancer are hoping dogs’ keen sense of smell will lead them down the right path. An early detection device that combines old-fashioned olfactory skills, chemical analysis and modern technology could lead to better survival rates for the disease, […]

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Dogs yawn contagiously when they see a person yawning

August 8, 2013: Dogs Yawn More Often in Response to Owners’ Yawns Than Strangers Dogs yawn contagiously when they see a person yawning, and respond more frequently to their owner’s yawns than to a stranger’s, according to research published August 7 in the open access journal PLOS ONE by Teresa Romero and colleagues from the […]

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Alberta man dies trying to save dog in rural New York

August 8, 2013: Earl Gallant swam into pond to save dog Saving a friend’s dog cost an Alberta man his life in rural New York. Earl Gallant, 55, was staying in Campers Haven campground, about 10 km outside of the village of Bath, NY, when the incident happened last Wednesday evening. Gallant, from Three Hills, […]

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Growls over new SPCA dog run turn to praise

August 8, 2013: Happy comments once SPCA explains better to use cement than soil to avoid disease After initial public concerns that the SPCA’s new concrete run pad built over an old grass one was wrong-headed, everyone appears happy now. When the Burlington-Hamilton SPCA posted on its Facebook site last week that it had a […]

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Dog dies after saving his owner from bear

August 6, 2013: Black bear shot by park officials, caught in a live trap and later destroyed by the MNR A 42-year-old Thunder Bay, Ont., man has his schnauzer to thank after surviving a black bear attack at a provincial park in northwestern Ontario. The man, who has been released from hospital, was attacked Saturday […]

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Man blew up dog after dispute with daughter VIDEO:

August 6, 2013: Law states he cannot be charged with animal cruelty because dog died instantly STEVENSON, Wash. — Law-enforcement officials said a man who was arrested for allegedly attaching an explosive device to his dog and detonating it on Sunday killed the dog after a dispute with his daughter. Christopher W. Dillingham, 45, was […]

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SPCA angry after dog-cruelty charges dropped against Amish breeder

August 6, 2013: 52 dogs were removed from farm Amish dog breeder Jonas Beachy felt he was pursued and prosecuted out of the false belief that his simple sect somehow treats animals worse than the “English” do. Thirty-four counts of animal cruelty were filed against the Pickaway County man after 52 dogs were removed from […]

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Pug History Ancient To Present

  History of the Pug According to the London Zoological Society, the Pug is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Ancient Chinese documents state that short-nosed dogs with the description matching that of the Pug existed in China at around 700 BC. These dogs were only breed and owned by the emperors. […]

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San Diego Airport has nation’s 1st dog bathroom VIDEO:

August 4, 2013:  “Pet Relief” restroom includes fake hydrant for “aiming” Lindbergh Field’s dog-gone good when it comes to poop time. The billion-dollar expansion includes the nation’s only “Pet Relief” airport comfort station, located between Gates 46 and 47 in Terminal 2 West. The 75-square-foot space includes fake grass and a hydrant, two deodorizers, a […]