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Congrats Pet it Dog Ambassadors 2017!

Thank you for all your pawesome entries! Look out for these pups modelling Pet it Dog Apparel soon! Congrats to the following insta pets (no order!) visit and show them some love on Instagram! @franklin.furter @littlerocky @a_yorkie_called_sherlock @ollierayofsunshine @thefrankiesinatra @hugothebearr @louieandtilly @zelda_and_rufus @winstonyorkie @kates_713 @billybubs @muros_chihuahuas @edgar.and.pacane.cavs   @jacksonbale_theyorkie

The app that helps you find your lost DOG:

Lost Dog? We Have An App For That – Finding Rover

The app that helps you find your lost DOG: Facial recognition tool detects Fido’s features to reunite him with his owner August 7, 2014 Scientists at the University of Utah create system to find lost dogs (shown). Their website called Finding Rover matches dogs with an online database. The app that helps you find your […]

11 Dogs Who Learned The Hard Way Not To Eat Bees

11 Dogs Who Ate Bees

11 Dogs Who Learned The Hard Way Not To Eat Bees

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Dog Days of summer & rising temperatures

The “dog days of summer” are here, but don’t let the phrase fool you. This hot time of year can be dangerous for your pup, says a Kansas State University veterinarian. July 25, 2014 “As it starts to get hot, the risk of heat exhaustion or death from heat stroke increases,” said Susan Nelson, clinical […]

Six former sled dogs at the Burnaby SPCA branch pet it Canada

Six Former Sled Dogs Up For Adoption

July 23, 2014 Six former sled dogs up for adoption at the Burnaby SPCA branch   Six former sled dogs at the Burnaby SPCA branch are looking for their forever homes. The shelter received the dogs from a sled dog operation that was shutting its doors in Pemberton. The company’s tenancy agreement was running out […]

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Dog Wagging From Left To Right And What It Means

November 1, 2013 You might think a wagging tail is a wagging tail, but for dogs there is more to it than that. Dogs recognize and respond differently when their fellow canines wag to the right than they do when they wag to the left. The findings reported in the Cell Press journal Current Biology […]

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Dog lost by Air Canada dead

October 28, 2013 Retired dog breeder Jutta Kulic speaks about the death of her dog after it was lost by Air Canada Read More Daily Dog News

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Toronto Veterinarians Give Murphy A Second Chance

September 20, 2013 Facial tumour removed from Murphy, a seven year old collie-cross Murphy was brought to Dundas West Animal Hospital in Toronto on September 4, 2013. She had been abandoned by her previous owner who had left her in the care of a friend but never returned. Already having her hands full with a […]

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Montreal SPCA seizes 90 dogs from South Shore puppy mill

September 13, 2013 Breeding dogs, puppies transferred to SPCA for medical attention Ninety dogs seized from a large-scale commercial puppy mill breeding operation on Montreal’s South Shore are now in the care of Montreal’s SPCA, where they will receive medical attention. The agency’s director of animal advocacy, Alanna Devine, says the animals were being kept […]

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Chihuahua Puppies Enjoying The Beautiful Day VIDEO:

August 21, 2013: Pet it Chihuahuas Ramesses & Khufu Learn More About Our Chihuahua Puppies