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80 dogs seized from a house Darlene and Marshall Dougherty Charged

July 29, 2013: As we first reported last night at 11, the Brant County SPCA is dealing with the worst case of animal cruelty it has seen in 10 years. 80 dogs and two cats were seized from a house near Paris after a couple of visits by investigators last week. OSPCA inspector Brandon James […]

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Treats can reassure your scared dog

July 26, 2013: Treats can be a useful tool for dog owners. Giving Rover a well-timed treat may help him overcome his fears. Q: Our dog is afraid of the vacuum. He will run and hide when we bring it out. Someone suggested that we give him treats, but we don’t want to reward his […]

Dog killed in vicious attack by another dog

July 25, 2013: DELHI, ON – Wendy Rhona always kept her little cockapoo, Bayley, on a leash. “It’s for his own safety,” Rhona recalled telling a friend. However on Monday, the leash did little to protect Bayley from a bullmastiff/boxer mix that was running loose on Imperial Street in Delhi. The bullmastif viciously attacked the […]

the daily dog news Canada

SPCA rescued over 80 dogs from Paris-area home

July 24, 2013: Maltese-Yorkshire terrier cross dogs wait their turn to have their coats cleaned after the Brant County SPCA rescued 19 of them from a Paris-area home on Tuesday. More than 80 dogs were rescued from “horrific” living conditions in a Paris-area home by animal control and SPCA officers on two separate occasions in […]

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Dog left on Scarborough balcony rescued

July 24, 2013: A dog that was left on a feces-filled seventh-floor balcony in Scarborough has been rescued, Toronto police tell CityNews. Despite claims from residents that the dog had been outside for days, without food or water, police said Tuesday the dog was unattended for 24 hours and had plenty to eat and drink. […]

Holidays get complicated when you want to take your dog or cat on the road, but owners also are nervous about leaving their pets behind.

Pauline Frommer: Why pets and travel don’t mix

July 23, 2013 Holidays get complicated when you want to take your dog or cat on the road, but owners also are nervous about leaving their pets behind. Pets may enhance our daily lives, but they ruin our vacations. That’s the surprising conclusion reached by a recent poll conducted for obvious reasons (see below) by […]

12 most dog-friendly campgrounds in Ontario

Dog-friendly campgrounds Where, oh where can you go on a vacation with your dog? That’s what my wife and I have been wondering. 8 camping rules for Ontario dog owners 5 ways to protect your dog in a heat wave Last week I shared the rules in Ontario if you take your dog camping, but […]

Blind dog wins battle with snake

July 20, 2013: KINGSTON – Tammy Gibson is obviously an animal lover. She has five dogs, three of which have special needs, and shouts of her house on Montreal Street. However, her love for man’s best friend doesn’t necessarily extend to all other species. On Friday afternoon, she heard two of her dogs — Jasmine, […]

A place to remember Ontario’s beloved pets when they die

July 19, 2013: Horses, dogs, cats, hamsters, even fish find a place at Uxbridge’s Thistledown Pet Memorial crematorium where grieving GTA families can visit ashes of their departed The stories of love and loss flow like tears: A young couple who visits the niche of their “sweet, brave little girl” every Saturday; three members of […]

Rilley the dog cancer treatment may help humans

July 19, 2013: A dog named Rilley may just be the face of a cure for brain cancer in humans. The Georgetown, Ont. pooch was given just six weeks to live after being diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour. His owners were told there’s no cure and that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery would only buy […]