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$47,000 Raised at Oakville Purina Walk for Guide Dogs 2013

Dogs and their owners were bursting in the parking lot of Lions Foundation of Canada Guide Dogs at Wilson and Rebecca. They teamed up again with Purina this year and have raised as of this release $47,000 from the walk alone. Several other local corporate and private sponsors provided on site support from dog food, […]

Friday, June 21, is Take Your Dog To Work Day 2013

Pet Sitters International’s “Take Your Dog To Work Day” is about enjoying Fido’s company at the office, having fun and boosting employee morale. But it is also about promoting the unique bond between dogs and their human companions, encouraging employees companywide to support local animal welfare organizations, volunteer at animal shelters, and adopt homeless pets […]

Natura Pet Foods Expands Salmonella Recall

Natura Pet Products, which issued a recall of select lots of four brands of pet food last month, has expanded its recall to include all of the company’s dry pet food and treat products with expiration dates through March 24, 2014. The recall was initiated after the Michigan Department of Agriculture discovered Salmonella in a […]

Lick It List resurrected for 2nd dying service dog

Shilo, Man., boy wants to create rock garden tribute to second dying service dog An 11-year-old boy from Shilo, Man., is embarking on his second tribute to a dying dog in one year. Cole Hein lost his service dog, Bingo, last fall. The dog was specially trained to alert his parents when Hein would stop […]

Prosthetic-legged pooch walks in support of other injured animals

n October 2011, Jennie Jean was huddled under a bush in a local cemetery, missing parts of her tail and right hind leg that were severely necrotic. The Cambridge and District Humane Society contacted the Close Veterinary Clinic in Kitchener, where veterinarian Bob Close performed surgery to get her back on her paws. Now, a […]

Cat versus dog: Which is better and why?

It’s the question that tends to stir hot debate and hair-raising emotions among pet owners: Which pet do people prefer, dogs or cats? Cat lovers may want to stop reading here. The result is not even close, according to a poll released by U.S.-based Public Policy Polling. Canines are the winners hands down, with 52 […]

Dogs with cancer: How to tell if they’re in pain

Owners may think they know their pets — but can they really tell when they’re in pain? A veterinarian-developed questionnaire has helped dog owners who are coping with chemotherapy for their pet to analyze and understand the animal’s quality of life, a new study has found. Dr. Maria Iliopoulou of Michigan State University, created a […]

Walk the dog, pet the cat — it’s good for your heart

Pet owners may enjoy health benefits such as lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels from walking a dog or stroking a cat, cardiologists say. The American Heart Association has reviewed medical studies and concluded that pet owners may have a reduced risk of heart disease. “There was enough data to make us believe that there […]

Vancouver aims to help renters keep their pets

The City of Vancouver approved a motion late yesterday afternoon to help renters keep their pets — but it might not have the authority to affect such a change. The city says more than half of Vancouverites are renters, and under the current rules pets can be banned from rental properties. Is requiring landlords to […]

Dogs from Beirut rescued by Windsor group

Local animal welfare organization For the Love of Paws Animal Rescue welcomed four new dogs to Windsor on Sunday. They came all the way from Beirut, Lebanon. John Dunn, a coordinator with the organization, welcomed the dogs to Canada at the airport in Montreal. In an effort to keep costs down, each member of a […]