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Canadian dogs get birth control to control the dog population

In Sheshatshiu, an Innu Federal Reserve in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, the population of stray dogs seems to be out of control. In an effort to control breeding in stray dogs, Canadian veterinarians have traveled to the province to administer birth control implants to stray female dogs. Veterinarians with Dogs with No […]

Dog’s compulsive behavior could mean canine disorder

Q: Our two-year-old German shepherd started licking her legs. She licks to the point of causing sores. We have been told to increase her exercise and to make sure we act like strong assertive leaders. When she starts licking, we interrupt her and say “no.” She just will not stop. How to I end this […]

Synthetic turf to the rescue, after dogs dig up yard

Picture above: Long-haired shepherds Maverick, right, and Duke in their Scarborough backyard where 5,400 square feet of synthetic grass was installed. We love our dogs, but hate what they’ve done to the yard. So it’s time for some tough love. The dogs stay, the grass goes. Sorry, but it has to be done. It was […]

Service dog for Jesse

Students at Fredericton’s École des Batisseurs are raising money so one of their classmates with a rare syndrome can get a service dog for Jesse to help him. Watch CBC NEWS Video    

Handmade festival promotes local entrepreneurs

Pet it Dog Apparel KITCHENER — Local businesses promoted their handmade, environmentally-conscious products at an Earth Day inspired event Saturday. The Bloomin Earth festival, set up in front of Kitchener City Hall, featured a handmade market, fashion show and entertainment giving the region’s entrepreneurs and craftspeople an opportunity to promote their work. Organizer Meg Goos […]