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Dogs Get Jealous, Too pet it dogs Canada

Dogs Get Jealous, Too

July 23, 2014 Dog owners were right all along. Our pups really do get jealous when we direct our affection elsewhere—especially when it’s toward another “dog.” Once thought to be too complex an emotion for nonhumans, or perhaps just a social construct, jealousy in canines—and the “pay attention to me” behaviors that arise from it—probably […]

Not In The Dog House Publishes New Features On Mixed Breed Dogs

New Features On Mixed Breed Dogs

May 28, 2014 Not In The Dog House Publishes New Features On Mixed Breed Dogs Genetic engineering sounds scary, but a version of it has been taking place for hundreds of years under the rather milder title of selective breeding. While this has taken place for all manner of domestic and farm animals, it is […]

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Dogs Sense Small Variations in Earth’s Magnetic Field

January 3, 2014 New Research Suggests Dogs Sense Small Variations in Earth’s Magnetic Field Researchers analyzed the body orientation of 70 dogs of different breeds, while the dogs relieved themselves in the open country and without being on the leash. The statistical analysis of the more than 7,000 observations (recorded together with the currently prevailing […]

The Daily Dog News Canada Dogs Recognize Familiar Faces from Images

Dogs Recognize Familiar Faces from Images

December 18, 2013 Dogs Recognize Familiar Faces assumed to be a quality that only humans and possibly primates possess. Main focus on spontaneous behavior of dogs Typically animals’ ability to discriminate different individuals has been studied by training the animals to discriminate photographs of familiar and strange individuals. The researchers, led by Professor Outi Vainio […]

How Household Dogs Protect Against Asthma and Infection

How Household Dogs Protect Against Asthma and Infection

December 16, 2013 Children’s risk for developing allergies and asthma is reduced when they are exposed in early infancy to a dog Exposure of mice to dust from houses where canine pets are permitted both indoors and outdoors can reshape the community of microbes that live in the mouse gut — collectively known as the […]

Multi-Dog Study Points to Canine Brain's Reward Center pet it dogs news health

Dog Study Points to Canine Brain’s Reward Center

December 4, 2013 Emory University researchers captured the first canine brain images of two alert, unrestrained dogs last year. The research, published by the Public Library of Science One (PLOS One), showed that most of the dogs had a positive response in the caudate region of the brain when given a hand signal indicating they […]

New Test Can Diagnose Emerging Strains of Canine Parvovirus pet it dogs Canada chihuahuas

New Test Can Diagnose Strains of Canine Parvovirus

November 11, 2013 A new test developed at the Kansas State University  is leading to earlier detection of Canine Parvovirus Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious worldwide disease that involves both domestic and wild canines. It can be fatal in immunocompromised dogs or puppies that have not yet been vaccinated, said Richard Oberst, professor of […]

Britain’s first dog behaviour centre opens

Britain’s First Dog Cognition Centre Opens

November 11, 2013 The centre is headed by dog cognition expert Dr Juliane Kaminski Britain’s first centre dedicated exclusively to studying dogs’ ability to understand humans and the world around them has opened at the University of Portsmouth and dog owners are being encouraged to bring their pets along.   The Dog Cognition Centre has […]

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Dog Wagging From Left To Right And What It Means

November 1, 2013 You might think a wagging tail is a wagging tail, but for dogs there is more to it than that. Dogs recognize and respond differently when their fellow canines wag to the right than they do when they wag to the left. The findings reported in the Cell Press journal Current Biology […]

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Dog Behaviour Offers Insight Into Owner’s Health

October 9, 2013 Monitoring dog behaviour could be used as an early warning sign that an older owner is struggling to cope or their health is deteriorating. Experts at Newcastle University, UK, are using movement sensors to track normal dog behaviour while the animals are both home alone and out-and-about. Providing a unique insight into […]