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Mass Dog Vaccination to Eradicate Rabies

September 20, 2013 Some rabies infections may not be lethal, but be especially wary of dog bites. Last year a team of researchers from Peru and the U.S. made a discovery that challenged one of the most widely held assumptions about rabies—that the virus is nearly always fatal unless doctors administer a vaccine before it […]

A Novel Locus Identified for Glaucoma in Dandie Dinmont Terrier Dog Breed

Glaucoma in Dandie Dinmont Terrier Dog Breed

August 30, 2013: Dandie Dinmont Terrier Dog Breed Professor Hannes Lohi’s research group at the University of Helsinki and Folkhälsan Research Center, Finland, has identified a novel locus for glaucoma in Dandie Dinmont Terrier. The locus on canine chromosome 8 includes a 9.5 Mb region that is associated with glaucoma. The canine locus shares synteny […]

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Dogs ‘warn diabetics’ after smelling low blood sugar

August 21, 2013: Dogs and Diabetes “Dogs could be trained to warn diabetic patients when their blood sugar levels are about to become low,” The Daily Telegraph reports. The story comes from a study of 17 people with diabetes who had been given a dog trained to sniff out and alert them when their blood […]

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More Empathy for Battered Dogs than Battered Adults

August 9, 2013: Adult human crime victims receive less empathy Adults have more empathy for battered dogs and puppies than they do for battered adults, according to new research to be presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association in New York City, but the difference in empathy for children and puppies is […]

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Dogs yawn contagiously when they see a person yawning

August 8, 2013: Dogs Yawn More Often in Response to Owners’ Yawns Than Strangers Dogs yawn contagiously when they see a person yawning, and respond more frequently to their owner’s yawns than to a stranger’s, according to research published August 7 in the open access journal PLOS ONE by Teresa Romero and colleagues from the […]

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The right sniff: Training pet dogs to follow their nose

July 26, 2013: Unique learning and research When you open the door to a science lab at Dal, you expect to find hard-at-work grad students, rows of microscopes, stacks of test tubes and other scientific equipment. Open the door of Simon Gadbois’ lab, however, and chances are the first thing you’ll encounter is a slobbery […]

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Researchers prove dogs are able to differentiate colors

July 25, 2013: A team of researchers in Russia has conducted a series of experiments that prove that dogs are able to distinguish between different colors. In their paper published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, the team describes the experiments with dogs they conducted and the results they found. For much of history, […]

Your Dog Is a Copycat

July 23, 2013: Don’t punish him, he’s just imitating you. The next time your dog digs a hole in the backyard after watching you garden, don’t punish him. He’s just imitating you. A new study reveals that our canine pals are capable of copying our behavior as long as 10 minutes after it’s happened. The […]

Gene Mutation in Dogs Offers Clues for Neural Tube Defects in Humans

Gene Mutation in Dogs Offers Clues for Neural Tube Defects in Humans

July 22, 2013: A gene related to neural tube defects in dogs has for the first time been identified by researchers. The researchers also found evidence that the gene may be an important risk factor for human neural tube defects, which affect more than 300,000 babies born each year around the world, according to the […]

Dog training could be life-saving

July 21, 2013: ‘Untapped potential’ MAKAWAO – It’s no news that dogs have a keen sense of smell, but researchers on Maui are engaged in a cutting-edge medical scent detection study that involves training dogs to detect life-threatening infections. Assistance Dogs of Hawaii in Makawao has partnered with a number of other organizations in Hawaii […]