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Six former sled dogs at the Burnaby SPCA branch pet it Canada

Six Former Sled Dogs Up For Adoption

July 23, 2014 Six former sled dogs up for adoption at the Burnaby SPCA branch   Six former sled dogs at the Burnaby SPCA branch are looking for their forever homes. The shelter received the dogs from a sled dog operation that was shutting its doors in Pemberton. The company’s tenancy agreement was running out […]

Racing to Save the Stray Dogs of Sochi

February 5, 2014 Saving Sochi’s Stray Dogs Animal rights workers in Sochi, Russia, are rescuing stray dogs from exterminators hired by the government. They hope athletes and fans visiting the Olympics will adopt them. SOCHI, Russia — A dog shelter backed by a Russian billionaire is engaged in a frantic last-ditch effort to save hundreds […]

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Dog lost by Air Canada dead

October 28, 2013 Retired dog breeder Jutta Kulic speaks about the death of her dog after it was lost by Air Canada Read More Daily Dog News

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Bugaboo, Dog’s Emotional Return to Navy Lieutenant VIDEO:

August 29, 2013: Bugaboo’s Emotional Welcome for Master Dogs are considered man’s best friend, and one dog seemed to prove that overwhelmingly in a heartfelt, emotional reaction to seeing her owner when he returned from a six-month overseas deployment with the U.S. Navy. The video posted to YouTube shows Lt. Gary Daugherty coming up the […]

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Heartless Burglars Steal TV, Laptop And Family Dog VIDEO:

August 29, 2013: “To actually take a family pet. It’s like having a part of the family taken from you,” Philadelphia News, Weather and Sports from WTXF FOX 29 VINELAND, N.J. – “She is like my child. She’s been with me for years.” Frank Torres is angry and heartbroken, to say the least, after burglars […]

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Cat And Dog Left Unfed For Weeks

August 20, 2013: Scottish SPCA Is Appealing For Help Animal rescuers are caring for a cat and dog left unfed in an empty flat for at least two weeks. The emaciated pets were discovered in a property in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire. Scottish SPCA is appealing for help to trace the animals’ owner. The Jack Russell-terrier […]

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Obamas Adopt Portuguese Water dog, Name Her Sunny VIDEO:

August 20, 2013: Sunny, The White House Newest Member Fox 2 News Headlines The White House says the Obamas have added a second dog to the first family. Her name is Sunny, and she’s a Portuguese Water Dog – the same breed as the Obamas’ other dog, Bo. The White House says that breed works […]

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Stray dogs in Chile gets love and attention VIDEO:

August 15, 2013: Not every dog has a home Stray dogs or “free-ranging urban dogs” are incredibly common across the globe and — despite the general affinity for canines — they’re are often ignored. Inspired by the thousands who live and roam the streets of Santiago, Chile, two college students with a soft spot for […]

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Man and Chihuahua do Yoga

August 11, 2013: An adorable chihuahua mimics his owner as they both go through a yoga routine!

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27 filthy dogs rescued from barn in Kentucky VIDEO:

August 10. 2013: Bones of 30 dead dogs found on property Dozens of Airedale Terriers were rescued and removed from filthy conditions at a Kentucky home. WFIE’s Allyson Kraemer reports. Content Source: NBC News