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Dogs from Beirut rescued by Windsor group

Local animal welfare organization For the Love of Paws Animal Rescue welcomed four new dogs to Windsor on Sunday. They came all the way from Beirut, Lebanon. John Dunn, a coordinator with the organization, welcomed the dogs to Canada at the airport in Montreal. In an effort to keep costs down, each member of a […]

Sign language a new trick for old dogs

Buster Brown, my big mutt from the dog pound, is now 10 years old. Perhaps because he’s a senior citizen, it took him a full week to learn how to operate the dog door I had installed last winter. He was used to going to the back door and barking to be let in or […]

Canadian dogs get birth control to control the dog population

In Sheshatshiu, an Innu Federal Reserve in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, the population of stray dogs seems to be out of control. In an effort to control breeding in stray dogs, Canadian veterinarians have traveled to the province to administer birth control implants to stray female dogs. Veterinarians with Dogs with No […]

Dog’s compulsive behavior could mean canine disorder

Q: Our two-year-old German shepherd started licking her legs. She licks to the point of causing sores. We have been told to increase her exercise and to make sure we act like strong assertive leaders. When she starts licking, we interrupt her and say “no.” She just will not stop. How to I end this […]

Florida Man Faces Charges After Leaving Dogs in Hot Car

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. (AP) — A central Florida man faces charges after police say he left two dogs in his car without the engine running, causing them to die. Port St. Lucie police say 52-year-old Carl Castilow parked his car in the lot at Keiser Golf College just before noon Thursday. A woman walking […]

Dogs possess a healing touch

BREWSTER — When Gina Hayes went to help families affected by the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., she let Ruby, her 10-year-old Irish setter, take the lead. Hayes recalled approaching a 3-year-old boy, whose brothers had witnessed the event, with Ruby, who was to provide him therapy. Suddenly, Ruby stopped. She […]

10 Tips for Adopting Your New Dog

The dog days of summer are a popular time to adopt inquisitive canines, so I’m dedicating this installment of a Pooch’s Perspective to those who are considering adding a new BFF–that’s Best Furry Friend–to their family. To help get you started, I’ve put together the following pre-pet checklist for you and your family to read […]

Helping Pet Owners Make Tough Choices

hat’s why Michigan State University researchers are developing a new tool to help people assess their ailing pets’ quality of life, a key factor in decisions about when to order life-prolonging procedures and when an animal’s suffering means it’s time to let go. In a new paper in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical […]

Emotional Dog, Owner Reunions After Oklahoma Tornadoes

“This pup was literally singing when he saw his family,” Michelle Karolicki, relocation program manager of the Central Oklahoma Humane Society, said about a reunion that took place on Thursday. In the midst of the devastating Oklahoma tornado aftermath, heart-tugging reunions of dogs and their owners have been taking place thanks to the Oklahoma Humane […]

Pet Psychics help animal lovers communicate better with dogs

ALBUQUERQUE — It’s the age-old and seemingly answerless question: What in the world is my dog thinking? And one that has spawned a growing market not only of scientific research but of everything from decks of pet tarot cards to television and radio shows and books by pet psychics and animal trainers. Whether any one […]