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Merle Chihuahuas Information and Health

Is Your Merle Chihuahua A Purebred? Merle Chihuahuas: Merle chihuahuas is always a hot debate in the chihuahua community! Here is our take on merle chihuahuas, what you need to know and how to decide if one is right for you! First off what is a ‘merle chihuahua’? Merle or “Dapple” as referred to in […]

Long Coat Chihuahuas vs Short Coat Chihuahuas

Long Coat Chihuahuas vs Short Coat Chihuahuas, most of us are familiar with the general appearance of a chihuahua, however did you know chihuahuas come in two coat lengths? Do you know how to spot the difference between them? There are two classifications of chihuahuas, although the same breed they look totally different indeed! SHORT […]

Chihuahua Weight Chart and Growth Chart

Chihuahua Weight Chart and Growth Chart Chihuahua Weight Chart and Growth Chart view on the chart below to see an estimate of how big your chihuahua will grow to at its adult weight! Please note: -This chart is only applicable for AKC and CKC registered chihuahua dogs -this is an estimate only, not a guarantee. […]

Chihuahua Breed Standard

Group: All chihuahuas, whatever size or coat length are part of the Toy breed group Classification: all chihuahuas fall into the Long or Short Coat category Appearance: Graceful, Alert, Saucy expression appearance Temperament : Intelligent, affectionate, reserved towards strangers, can be stubborn! Weight: Well balanced 6lbs and under Coat : Smooth, close to body and […]

Pet it Chihuahuas in the news: Baby Belle spotted!

Baby Belle spotted! Here is a picture of Baby Belle (from Pet it Chihuahuas) and a Great Dane in the Brantford Expositor News Paper! Taken for the Branford SPCA wiggle wag a thon in May 2012. Note her size was only 19 oz. at the time of photo, not 26 oz as stated below!