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How to Socialize Chihuahuas

Understanding why my chihuahua acts like a baby and not a dog…. How to socialize chihuahuas, humm…. first lets take a look at what we do with our little companions. If you own a chihuahua or small dog then chances are you know what i mean by my chihuahua being unsocial or maybe even acting […]

Bringing a puppy home

  Creating a good impression is key to ensuring that he/she sees you as it’s best friend. The manner in which you collect, bring home, and settle your puppy is important to starting your new rewarding relationship. Bringing a puppy home, what is the right time? It is important that you are bringing your puppy […]

House Breaking your Puppy Helpful tips

We recommend crate training your puppy for security and safety reasons, below is a general guideline that can be used to help your pup feel comfortable in his new surroundings and house breaking. The quickest method to training your puppy is through crate training. Your dogs crate must be large enough that he/she can stand […]

6 Reasons Why My Dog Barks

Why My Dog Barks We all wonder sometimes about why my dog barks. Your dog barks as a type of vocal communication between you and your dog or dog to dog communication. Every bark your dog makes can mean a variety of things, here are 6 reasons why your dog barks. 1. Greeting and play […]