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Hydrocephalus Water on the brain

Hydrocephalus and toy breed dogs Hydrocephalus or “water in the brain” is condition of the head that can occur in toy breed dogs as well as other canines. Hydrocephalus increases pressure in the skull and results in swelling of the head. Hydrocephalus is caused by abnormal dilation of the ventricular system as a result of […]

Molera or Soft spot on Head

What is the molera or soft spot on the head? The molera on a chihuahua’s head, can best be described as a “soft spot” or hole in the top of the chihuahua’s skull where the skeletal structure has not fused. Similar to a fontanelle in human babies, the parietal and frontal bones of the head […]

Cherry Eye or Ben Eye for Small Breed Dogs

What is Cherry Eye? “Cherry Eye” or ben eye is a congenital eye defect where the canine’s ‘third eyelid’ the nictitating membranebecomes prolapsed or visible. This third eyelid is responsible for keeping the eye moist. Cherry eye often looks like a swollen red blister at the corner of the eye. Cherry eye is common in […]

Hypoglycemia Chihuahuas & Toy Breed Dogs

Part of responsible pet ownership includes knowledge and appropriate care of your toy breed chihuahua puppy at every stage of its life. If you own a puppy under three months (12 weeks and under), especially a small or toy breed dog such as a Chihuahua, you need to be aware of HYPOGLYCEMIA and how to […]

Merle Chihuahuas Information and Health

Is Your Merle Chihuahua A Purebred? Merle Chihuahuas: Merle chihuahuas is always a hot debate in the chihuahua community! Here is our take on merle chihuahuas, what you need to know and how to decide if one is right for you! First off what is a ‘merle chihuahua’? Merle or “Dapple” as referred to in […]