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How to Socialize Chihuahuas

Understanding why my chihuahua acts like a baby and not a dog…. How to socialize chihuahuas, humm…. first lets take a look at what we do with our little companions. If you own a chihuahua or small dog then chances are you know what i mean by my chihuahua being unsocial or maybe even acting […]

Toy Breed Dogs History and Origins

The toy breed dog has recently been traced through the evolutionary history of the Grey Wolf, wild canines, and a variety of other breed dogs. Archeologists have found ancient canine remains from Belgium, Germany, and Russia that date back 12,000-31,000 years that were similar in size to the Great Dane. Other canine remains discovered in […]

Chihuahua History & Origins: About the Breed Past to Present

Chihuahua History: Ancient History of the Chihuahua Chihuahua history is still debatable and mysterious with many theories and ideas surrounding the origin of the toy breed. Some archeologists have uncovered artifacts showing that the chihuahua did originate from Mexico. One of the most common theories of the chihuahua history is that the breed is a […]

Giardia Health Information for Small Breed Dogs

Giardia Lamblia and Its Health Concerns What is Giardia? Giardia is a microscopic parasite (more specifically a flagellated protozoan parasite) that lives and reproduces in the small intestine. This giardia lamblia causes giardiasis in your chihuahua or dog and mainly effects puppies under 1 yr old. Giardia is infectious to both humans and pets all […]

Amazing Chihuahua Coat Colours !

One of the amazing characteristics about chihuahuas is all the different colours Chihuahuas can come in ! Literally, a whole rainbow of Chihuahua coat colours. We have had quite a few different chihuahua colours here at Pet it Chihuahuas, take a peek below! What colour is your Chihuahua ? Send us some pictures of your […]

Whipworms Signs and Symptoms

Whipworms, Threadworms and Lungworms and why they are a concern to you and your dog As a dog owner, new or experienced, it is wise to be aware of different types of worms such as whipworms, threadworms, lungworms and parasites and how they affect your dog and your family. Proper preventative measures and treatment are […]

Hydrocephalus Water on the brain

Hydrocephalus and toy breed dogs Hydrocephalus or “water in the brain” is condition of the head that can occur in toy breed dogs as well as other canines. Hydrocephalus increases pressure in the skull and results in swelling of the head. Hydrocephalus is caused by abnormal dilation of the ventricular system as a result of […]

Molera or Soft spot on Head

What is the molera or soft spot on the head? The molera on a chihuahua’s head, can best be described as a “soft spot” or hole in the top of the chihuahua’s skull where the skeletal structure has not fused. Similar to a fontanelle in human babies, the parietal and frontal bones of the head […]

Cherry Eye or Ben Eye for Small Breed Dogs

What is Cherry Eye? “Cherry Eye” or ben eye is a congenital eye defect where the canine’s ‘third eyelid’ the nictitating membranebecomes prolapsed or visible. This third eyelid is responsible for keeping the eye moist. Cherry eye often looks like a swollen red blister at the corner of the eye. Cherry eye is common in […]

Grooming Chihuahuas Both Long and Short Coat

Grooming your chihuahua puppy & adult  is an important part of your chihuahuas health and well being. Grooming chihuahuas both Long or Short Coat is an important part of your chihuahuas health and well being. It is a great bonding experience for you and your pet but more importantly, regular cleaning allows them to become […]