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Hypoglycemia Chihuahuas & Toy Breed Dogs

Part of responsible pet ownership includes knowledge and appropriate care of your toy breed chihuahua puppy at every stage of its life. If you own a puppy under three months (12 weeks and under), especially a small or toy breed dog such as a Chihuahua, you need to be aware of HYPOGLYCEMIA and how to […]

Deer Head Chihuahuas vs Apple Head Chihuahuas

Deer Head Chihuahuas vs Apple Head Chihuahuas Deer head chihuahuas vs apple head chihuahuas and how it is a common phrase to a chihuahua’s appearance or head shape, but do you know what the difference is ? Although either term is not an official categorization of the chihuahua breed, there can be a dramatic difference […]

Merle Chihuahuas Information and Health

Is Your Merle Chihuahua A Purebred? Merle Chihuahuas: Merle chihuahuas is always a hot debate in the chihuahua community! Here is our take on merle chihuahuas, what you need to know and how to decide if one is right for you! First off what is a ‘merle chihuahua’? Merle or “Dapple” as referred to in […]

Car Journeys with your Canine Companion

Car Journeys! It is a good idea to accustom your new dog to car trips early in life and create a pleasant experience. Picking up your new puppy and bringing them home is likely your puppy’s second time in a car (the first is likely to be when we take them to their first vet […]

Bringing a puppy home

  Creating a good impression is key to ensuring that he/she sees you as it’s best friend. The manner in which you collect, bring home, and settle your puppy is important to starting your new rewarding relationship. Bringing a puppy home, what is the right time? It is important that you are bringing your puppy […]

What to expect at your Puppies First Vet Visit

   Puppies First Vet Visit! When you purchase a puppy from your breeder, your puppy has already been to the vet once at approx. 7 + weeks of age and has received its first check up, de-wormed x3 and set of shots (Canine distemper type 2 para-influenza vaccine). When you bring your puppy home, determine […]

Long Coat Chihuahuas vs Short Coat Chihuahuas

Long Coat Chihuahuas vs Short Coat Chihuahuas, most of us are familiar with the general appearance of a chihuahua, however did you know chihuahuas come in two coat lengths? Do you know how to spot the difference between them? There are two classifications of chihuahuas, although the same breed they look totally different indeed! SHORT […] health and information for small breed dogs

Fleas and Ticks what are these nasty bugs ?

  Fleas and Ticks Preventative measures are your best tool for avoiding these disgusting little bugs. Read on to determine what the differences are and how to detect them. Fleas: What are they? Tiny, almost invisible external bugs to the naked eye. Wingless insects that feed on your pets blood but can go without eating […]

House Breaking your Puppy Helpful tips

We recommend crate training your puppy for security and safety reasons, below is a general guideline that can be used to help your pup feel comfortable in his new surroundings and house breaking. The quickest method to training your puppy is through crate training. Your dogs crate must be large enough that he/she can stand […]

Chihuahua Weight Chart and Growth Chart

Chihuahua Weight Chart and Growth Chart Chihuahua Weight Chart and Growth Chart view on the chart below to see an estimate of how big your chihuahua will grow to at its adult weight! Please note: -This chart is only applicable for AKC and CKC registered chihuahua dogs -this is an estimate only, not a guarantee. […]