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Chihuahua Breed Standard

Group: All chihuahuas, whatever size or coat length are part of the Toy breed group Classification: all chihuahuas fall into the Long or Short Coat category Appearance: Graceful, Alert, Saucy expression appearance Temperament : Intelligent, affectionate, reserved towards strangers, can be stubborn! Weight: Well balanced 6lbs and under Coat : Smooth, close to body and […]

6 Reasons Why My Dog Barks

Why My Dog Barks We all wonder sometimes about why my dog barks. Your dog barks as a type of vocal communication between you and your dog or dog to dog communication. Every bark your dog makes can mean a variety of things, here are 6 reasons why your dog barks. 1. Greeting and play […]

Why clothe your small dog?

Clothing for your dog is much more than a cute accessory ! Here are some more great reasons for dressing your pampered pooch in every season   Why clothe your small dog? 1. Protect your dog from harmful uva/uba rays from the sun. If you love taking your dog out in the summer to the […]