Chihuahua Breed Standard

Group: All chihuahuas, whatever size or coat length are part of the Toy breed group

Classification: all chihuahuas fall into the Long or Short Coat category

Appearance: Graceful, Alert, Saucy expression appearance

Temperament : Intelligent, affectionate, reserved towards strangers, can be stubborn!

Weight: Well balanced 6lbs and under

Coat : Smooth, close to body and glossy

Colour: Chihuahuas come in every colour. Merles are disqualified in showing.

Head shape: Well-rounded apple-dome skull with lean cheeks and jaws. Muzzle moderately short and slightly pointed.

Ears: Large ears held erect when alert and at a 45 degree angle when relaxed.

Body: Level top line (back) and slightly Longer than they are tall

Info from the Canadian Kennel Club. For more information on the chihuahua breed standard visit CKC Chihuahua Breed Standard

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