Couple Brought Together by Guide Dogs Falling in Love

July 13, 2013:

He made the romantic gesture on Valentine’s Day – the same day ITV show Me And My Guide Dog were due to film the pair at the Shrewsbury training course.

Mark, aged 52, of Long Meadow, Westbury Park, said: “During the training our two dogs, Rodd and Venice, seemed to know something we didn’t.

“They were always playing together.

“The trainers said that they were the love and romance of the course, and they brought us together.

“We could have easily missed one another by a week.

“But we were purely in the right place at the right time.

“I have never believed in fate, but it does seem like it was meant to be.”

Once the course came to an end, the couple arranged to meet up and it was Claire who made the first move by inviting Mark, accompanied by Rodd, to meet up for a coffee.

The couple then met ‘endless times’ before Mark’s proposal, with each meeting seeming to last longer than the last.

Before long they were fell head over heels.

And, as if being proposed to once wasn’t enough, Claire was asked the big question four times as the film crew made them rehearse the moment for the cameras.

Claire, aged 50, from Primrose Hill, Hanford, said: “We connected straight away. I remember Mark texting me saying ‘If you’d let me I could make your world a lot happier’.

“It was a lovely surprise when he proposed the first time, but I got proposed to four times that day.

“I suppose I can never say I will forget the day I got engaged.

“And it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for our dogs.”

Mark said: “Each time we met the lunches were getting longer and the waitresses were tapping their fingers waiting for us to leave.”

“There was a connection from the word go.

“We chatted about anything and everything.”

Mark, who said he wasn’t nervous when he got down one knee, added: “I trusted in the luck I didn’t seem to know existed.

“Now we joke that with every guide dog you get a free fiance.”

Trusty Labradors Venice and Rodd are said to be still madly in love.

They share a bed and go crazy whenever they are reunited.

Claire and Mark revealed the two dogs will of course have a central part to play at the wedding, which is due to take place at Barlaston’s Upper House hotel in March next year.

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