Deer Head Chihuahuas vs Apple Head Chihuahuas

Deer Head Chihuahuas vs Apple Head Chihuahuas

Deer head chihuahuas vs apple head chihuahuas and how it is a common phrase to a chihuahua’s appearance or head shape, but do you know what the difference is ? Although either term is not an official categorization of the chihuahua breed, there can be a dramatic difference between the deer head chihuahuas vs apple head chihuahuas.

APPLE HEAD CHIHUAHUAapplehead Deer Head Chihuahuas vs Apple Head Chihuahuas

CKC (Canadian) standard for the chihuahua head shape

describes a moderately short muzzle and rounded dome shape skull with lean cheeks and jawline. Take a look at one of our past girls for a reference of this head shape. Notice the 90 degree angle between the forehead and the muzzle “the stop”. This is the perfection we aim to achieve with all the dogs we, Pet it chihuahuas breed! In newborn dogs and young chihuahua puppies it may be difficult to tell what the head shape is if you are not sure, sometimes it can take longer for the head to “POP” in the apple head chihuahua. Always look at their parents for a good indication of what they will grow up to be!

AKC ( American) standard for the chihuahua head shape

A well rounded “apple dome” skull, with or without molera. Expression – Saucy. Eyes – Full, round, but not protruding, balanced, set well apart-luminous dark or luminous ruby. Light eyes in blond or white-colored dogs permissible. Blue eyes or a difference in the color of the iris in the two eyes, or two different colors within one iris should be considered a serious fault. Ears – Large, erect type ears, held more upright when alert, but flaring to the sides at a 45 degree angle when in repose, giving breadth between the ears. Stop – Well defined. When viewed in profile, it forms a near 90 degree angle where muzzle joins skull. Muzzle – Moderately short, slightly pointed. Cheeks and jaws lean. Nose – Self-colored in blond types, or black. In moles, blues, and chocolates, they are self-colored. In blond types, pink noses permissible. Bite – Level or scissors. Overshot or undershot, or any distortion of the bite or jaw, should be penalized as a serious fault. A missing tooth or two is permissible. DisqualificationsBroken down or cropped ears.

DEER HEAD CHIHUAHUAdeer-head chihuahua vs apple head chihuahuas

Notice this dog’s head shape in contrast to the one above. His muzzle is significantly longer, with a rounded sloped forehead. His jaw line extends and nose a little larger. This chihuahua does not resemble a chihuahua, and in fact look like different breeds. It is evident that his genetic history is not from purebred lines, or as a result of poor breeding practice. This is a undesirable trait.

A lot of deer head chihuahuas as depicted in the picture above, tend to be a bit larger, more aggressive, and anti social, therefore ending up in our city’s pounds. We have to ask the question, why breed them? Not all deer head chihuahuas are aggressive and mean, but the ones that are a result of genetic traits passed down by their parents. If the parents show signs of aggression, the should never be bred.

It is possible to have a purebred chihuahua that exhibits a slightly longer muzzle, perhaps not to the extreme above. Remember that every chihuahua, like people has its own characteristics depending on its genetic make up. Not every dog is a show dog after all!

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