Dog clothing Size Chart: How to measure your dog to fit apparel perfectly !

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Dog Clothing Size Chart

Just like us, dogs in every breed come in different weights and sizes. Make sure to measure your pup before buying clothing online to make sure it will fit. Pet it Dog Apparel comes in sizes XXS – XL  PLUS M+, L+ and XL + for wider chested breeds. If your dog does not fit within the size specs, not to worry! Contact us about custom sizing for your pooch

To measure:

1. Take a measuring tape and measure around the neck (the circumference) where your dogs collar would sit. Make sure to take off his collar first! Write down this measurement in inches.

2.Measure your dog’s circumference around the body from the top and around just behind the front legs. Be sure to keep the measuring tape snug to the body, but bot squeezed to tight. Jot down this measurement in inches.

3. Measure from the base of the neck on the back (where the collar sits) to the base of the tail and subtract 2 inches. Jot this down!

4. Check the size you need by cross referencing with the chart above!

Note: If the sizes don’t correspond directly, do not worry ! When in doubt, use the chest measurement for the sizing or contact us for any help, or for a customized hoodie!

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