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Is A Dog Park Needed In Steinbach?

May 28, 2014

Dog Park Needed In Steinbach

A petition is circulating around Steinbach in attempt to convince the city to open a dog park.

Dallas Gerbrandt and Kali Martens are spearheading this initiative. Gerbrandt explains a dog park is a fenced in area where dogs can run around without a leash.

“They can get as much exercise and play as they want,” he says. “And it keeps for a good, calm, quiet dog at home.”

Gerbrandt is hoping even non dog lovers will sign this petition. He says having a dog park in Steinbach will mean fewer dogs will be running around other parks while you’re trying to enjoy a picnic.

Gerbrandt says right now he’s having to drive to Winnipeg to bring his dog Frankie to a dog park. He says that’s annoying, not only because smaller communities like Niverville already have a dog park, but also because in his eyes, Steinbach has plenty of room to set aside such space.

If constructed, Gerbrandt says it should contain two separate areas within the main enclosure; a large dog area and a small dog area for those twenty pounds and lighter. Fencing, picnic tables, dog bag receptacles, signage, garbage disposals and a water fountain are a few things the park could contain in order to be successful.

Gerbrandt and Martens say suggestions for Park Rules and Regulations would include…
– off-leash parks are for dogs, their handlers and those accompanying them.
– dogs must be on leash when entering and exiting the off-leash park.
– no handlers shall have more than two dogs under his/her control.
– handlers shall maintain voice control over their dog and must carry a leash while their dogs are in the off-leash park.
– dogs must be up to date on vaccinations and free of disease and parasites such as fleas and ticks.
– no dogs in estrus/ heat are allowed in the off-leash dog park.
– all persons entering the off-leash park enters at his or her own risk. The City of Steinbach is not liable to any person or dog for any injury or harm incurred or caused by any other person or dog entering or remaining in the off-leash park.
– handlers shall carry equipment for the removal and disposal of dog feces and shall pick up and dispose of any and all feces left by the dog.
– handlers shall immediately leash and remove the dog from the park if the dog exhibits aggressive behaviour towards other park users or dogs.
– no food or snacks allowed (except for training treats).
– smoking is not permitted in the park.

Petitions can be found at Pet Valu, Pet Vet, Homestyle Kitchen and Deli, Southeast Veterinary Clinic, Fabutan, Pets of the Ark and Eastman Employment.

Martens explains only residents of Steinbach can sign this petition. She is hopeful they can bring the petition to City Council in summer after which they could redirect their attention to any fundraising that needs to be done.

By Steinbach Online

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