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Fleas and Ticks what are these nasty bugs ?


Fleas and Ticks

Preventative measures are your best tool for avoiding these disgusting little bugs. Read on to determine what the differences are and how to detect them.


What are they?

Tiny, almost invisible external bugs to the naked eye. Wingless insects that feed on your pets blood but can go without eating for months. They do not fly but can jump 8 feet high ! They can cause allergy to your pet causing tiny bubble like blisters all over the body. There are over 2000 varieties of fleas some of which carry disease. If fleas are ingested by humans or fleas, tapeworms an internal parasite may develop in the intestines.what are fleas and ticks pet it canada

How do I Detect them?

Constant itching, scratching and chewing at the fur. To test dampen a white paper towel and wipe their backs. If you notice brown flakes, your pet likely has fleas. Fleas the are not visible to the naked eye.

What is the Treatment?

Prevention is the most effective step in stopping these nasty parasites. Consider a treatment such as: Revolution (for dogs and cats) which is a liquid (topical) medication that is used once a month to prevent fleas, heart worm, roundworm, ear mites, ticks and whip worm.

Treat asap with flea shampoo that kills fleas and eggs on contact. Vacuum and launder household thoroughly and consider using a house spray or powder to kill them around the house.


What are they ?

Ticks are arachnoid (part of the spider family) that can swell to the size of a raisin. Ticks feed on your pets blood and carry disease in their saliva. Lyme disease is transmitted by ticks.

How do I detect them ?

Thoroughly brush your pet after being in a wooded or grassy area check for any protrusions in the fur especially around the ears, neck, chin and tail. They are more easily to detect then fleas as you can spot them.

What is the treatment ?

Remove ticks carefully with tweezers being cautious to not leave any part of it behind. Seek veterinary assistance if unsure. Treat your dog with flea and tick shampoo or cream to kill fleas on contact. Again consider using a topical medication monthly to repel flea tick mites and internal worms.

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