Grooming Chihuahuas Both Long and Short Coat

Grooming your chihuahua puppy & adult  is an important part of your chihuahuas health and well being.

Grooming chihuahuas both Long or Short Coat is an important part of your chihuahuas health and well being. It is a great bonding experience for you and your pet but more importantly, regular cleaning allows them to become comfortable with being handled and inspected regularly for any potential health issues. Best of all, maintenance of chihuahuas is fairly easy and inexpensive. No pricey trips to the Dog groomer required, just a little bit of your time and commitment!

Read these five key areas of grooming chihuahuas to find out how and when to complete each!

1. Bathing your Chihuahua:

When – Bath your chihuahua once a month or as needed.

How – Fill a small tub with lukewarm water to about three inches or so depending on the size of your chihuahua and place your chihuahua in the tub. Be sure to hold your pup from wiggling away and assure him everything is ok! Use a cloth or plastic cup to dampen his fur from the neck down. Do not get water in his ears!

Use a pump or small dollop of shampoo specially formulated for dogs and work it into a lather. Use your fingertips to gently massage the shampoo into his fur. Make sure to wash his tail and belly!

Rinse all the soap from your chihuahuas fur by rinsing with clean lukewarm water. Remember, do not get the soap in his eyes! Use a damp cloth to wipe his face and eyes if necessary. Rinse your pup thoroughly! Left over soap residue may lead to skin irritation and dryness.

Wrap your clean chihuahua in a warm dry towel quickly and towel dry him! Warning: Your dog may shake water all over you if you don’t dry him quick enough ! 😉

Be prepared for the after bath hypers! Do your chihuahuas go crazy after their baths? Ours do!!

Finish by gently bushing your chihuahuas fur, loosening tangles and knots!

2. Brushing your Chihuahua:

When- Long coat chihuahuas- one to two times a week Short Coat chihuahuas -Bi weekly

How- With a small bristle brush suitable for your chihuahua, gently brush his fur from neck to tail in the direction of hair growth. Brushing is essential to maintain a clean coat free from dirt and debris, helps to remove loose hairs and helps to spread the fur’s natural oils throughout the coat. When brushing your chihuahua, pay attention to the condition of the skin and watch out for fleas and ticks. With your long coat chihuahua, be sure to thoroughly brush the plume (tail) and behind the fringe of the ears. These areas are especially prone to tangles!

Note: Long hair chihuahuas do not need their fur cut. It will reach its adult length and thickness and will not continue to grow in length afterwards. If you do find that the hair has grown too long around toes or you experience a tangle beyond repair, a slight trim to these areas may be needed!

3.Chihuahua Dental Care:

When- Daily-weekly

How- There are a variety of methods available. The most effective way to prevent plaque and tartar build up leading to periodontal disease is to brush your chihuahuas teeth! The best way to do so is to train your chihuahua from a pup, even so you may face some resistance to teeth brushing! The more frequently the better! Be sure to get a DOG tooth paste that is safe for dogs to swallow, do not use your human toothpaste! A small tooth brush such as a child’s tooth brush is a good size for your chihuahua. Remember than periodontal disease can take effect in as little as two years if you do not maintain your chihuahuas dental health. The best treatment is prevention!

To brush his teeth- Place a pea sized amount of dog toothpaste on the brush, hold your dog in your lap and with one hand, gently lift up his gums with your thumb and index finger. Quickly and thoroughly brush the teeth and gums gently.

If your dog simply will not cooperate or tolerate having his teeth brushed, be sure to implement another routine such as a dental gel or spay applied into the teeth and gums. Not as effective as brushing, but still better than nothing!

And remember to provide him with chew toys such as rope toys and rubber toys regularly to help clean his teeth naturally!

4.Chihuahua Ear Care:

When-Inspect weekly and clean when necessary

How-Your chihuahuas ears can collect dirt and build up that . So keep them clean and regularly check inside his ears at bath time for any signs of discolouration, discharge or sensitivity to the ears. Do so by gently holding his ear and looking inside, the colour should be a healthy pink tone. When grooming chihuahuas it is not necessary to clean if everything looks ok. A tiny bit of ear wax is normal! If your chihuahua has a lot of dirt or build up, take a damp cloth and gently wipe around the exterior of the ear. Do not stick your finger in his ear, and DO NOT stick q tips or any other sharp object in his ear that could hurt him. If you suspect infection, please consult your veterinarian.

5. Chihuahua Nail care:

WhenYoung chihuahuas- Weekly Adults- Monthly

How- Caution: It is important to create a positive and reassuring environment when trimming your dogs nails. You dog can become scared if you are nervous or do not know what you are doing, or you could injury him by cutting the nail too short. If you are unsure of how to do this, ask for help from a qualified Vet or Groomer to show you how to do it correctly. Once you know how, it is really quite simple and painless for you and your chihuahua!

To trim nails- Hold your dog securely. With an appropriate small sized nail trimmer, cut the very tip of the nail off at a 45 degree angle. Be sure not to cut the ‘quick’ which is the blood supply to the nail. Cutting too short can result in bleeding and pain to your chihuahua.


Remember to reward your Chihuahua after every grooming experience with praise and healthy treats to create positive reinforcement and to develop trust!!

Have a question or comment about grooming chihuahuas ? Let us know by leaving a comment below 🙂

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