How to Socialize Chihuahuas

Understanding why my chihuahua acts like a baby and not a dog….

How to socialize chihuahuas, humm…. first lets take a look at what we do with our little companions. If you own a chihuahua or small dog then chances are you know what i mean by my chihuahua being unsocial or maybe even acting like a baby. You look and search for that perfect puppy with the perfect button nose, those eyes that tell you, I’m yours, and those colors that remind you of something special. It is a feeling that warms our heart and puts us back to a an earlier state of mind, or a special moment, and even that maternal instinct of a baby. When we bring our new puppy into our home, we want to protect it, love it, and make sure it grows into a healthy loving chihuahua that you pictured in your mind. We want to buy it everything it needs and you think it wants, clothes, dog carriers, beds, feeders, boots, leashes, collars, and etc….. you get the picture. Yes, we do need some things for our puppies, i am not saying we don’t but have we forgotten what our puppies really need?

How not to socialize chihuahuas tina chuck toronto chihuahua meetup group pet it chihuahuas

Strollers: An example of inappropriate socialization for chihuahuas

We all need to step back, and look at the big picture, a baby is a human, and a dog is still just a dog, no matter what size it is. If we all had a glimpse into each others homes, and how our dogs live, we would see them on the couch, bed, eating out of the garbage pale, eating a shoe, sleeping on your lap, and if he or she is being bad, maybe a poop in the corner. Is this the good behavior of our loyal companion or is your chihuahua the baby of the home, master of your domain, or is your dog the alpha ? Have you forgotten whose home this is….

Why do we insist on treating or loyal companions like baby’s when all they want to be are dogs, they want to go outside, run, jump. play, fetch, pee on a tree or fire hydrant, poo on your neighbors lawn, bite the mail man, and even dig a whole in someone’s back yard, you know…dog stuff! So, you want to know how to socialize chihuahuas eh, have we taken him to the park, or just the dog boutique, just like our children your puppy wants to learn, wants to grow, and wants to play, (with other dogs). Socializing your chihuahua with other chihuahuas and other dogs, will only help it to grow, going on walks through the forest on a beautiful day, challenge your puppy, get him or her to leap over a log, jump over a puddle, jump on bolder and jump back down, let them be confident in their own fur and let them be free.

Let’s do a small test and see if your chihuahua shows traits of unsocial behavior.

  • Does your chihuahua growl at others when in your arms?
  • Does your chihuahua shy away from people?
  • Does your chihuahua only play with humans?
  • Does your chihuahua have anxiety attacks when you are away?
  • Is your chihuahua unsocial to other family members?

If you have answered two of those correct than your chihuahua is most likely not socialized, but it’s not the end of the world. Like we discussed earlier in the blog, your dog really wants to learn, and thankfully for you, they are smart!

We all need to take ownership of our dogs and give them what they need, we need to bring our dogs together to play, be social, and enjoy the earth beneath their feet, hey we need it too, at least an hour a day, it can be a joint effort for humans and canines because as they say, a healthy heart equals a healthy mind!

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