Molera or Soft spot on Head

What is the molera or soft spot on the head?

The molera on a chihuahua’s head, can best be described as a “soft spot” or hole in the top of the chihuahua’s skull where the skeletal structure has not fused. Similar to a fontanelle in human babies, the parietal and frontal bones of the head have not yet joined together. A chihuahua puppy will have a molera, as reaches maturity the molera may or may not fuse depending on the size, genetics, skeletal structure of the dog. The chihuahua breed standard recognizes a molera as an acceptable trait, and for some consider the presence of a molera a desirable characteristic as it more common in chihuahuas with apple dome shaped skulls than in chihuahuas with deer heads.

How do I know if my chihuahua has a molera?

You will know if your dog has a molera by gently touching the head. With a finger stroke from between the eyes and back to the forehead towards the center of your chihuahua’s ears. You should feel a spot that feels like a little gap, different from the skull. Do not press down on this spot. If you do not feel it, your chihuahua probably doesn’t have a molera.

What precautions should I take if my chihuahua has a molera?

If your chihuahua has a molera, be gentle with them and exercise caution. You want to reduce the risk of them falling on their heads as this spot is more sensitive to injury and brain damage than other parts of the head. This means no jumping off furniture, stairs or from your arms. No rough play fighting with other larger dogs who may accidentally or play bite the head. Use caution when your chihuahua is in presence of children who may want to pick them up and play too rough with them.

Is the presence of a molera in my chihuahua a health concern?

No, there is no health concern with having a molera. It is a normal trait of the chihuahua breed. It was once speculated that the presence, and of the size of a molera was linked to hydrocephalus (water on the brain), however there is no scientific evidence to support the relationship between the two.

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