Picking A Puppy

 what puppy is right for me?

How do I choose the right puppy for me?

Picking a puppy for you and your family is a big choice, so big that we often forget how to really choose the right one that will suit your family dynamics. You need to ask the right questions to the breeder, and ask a lot of them! Some questions you may want to consider and think about include:

  • “How are the dogs raised? Are they in a clean, and safe environment?”
  • “Where are the dogs parents from? Are the Registered, or mixed breed?”
  • “Do the parents, grandparents, or pups of past litters have any hereditary disease?”
  • “Are the puppies and other dogs in the household socialized? Do they get regular human interaction and attention?”
  • “What are the individual pups temperaments like? Are the parents happy to see you?”
  • “Is there any type of insurance or guarantee if my puppy is unhealthy?”
  • “To whom can I ask for help, if any, if I have a concern about my new puppy?”

Some important questions to ask your self before visiting puppies and finding a breeder may include:

  • “Does this breed of dog fit into my lifestyle? Do I have the space needed? ie house with a backyard or condo?”
  • “What are the specific needs and care required for the type of dog breed I am considering?”
  • “Can I financially afford to take care of a dog or puppy for its entire lifespan?”
  • “Do I have the time to commit to the proper care and training of a puppy ?”

Whipworms, Threadworms and Lungworms and why they are a concern to you and your dogYou also have to choose the right puppy for the right reasons, do not buy a puppy based on colour, size, weight, markings, coat length or just because it reminds you of another dog you may have had in the past. These are all mistakes a lot of us have made and hopefully, we can help you to choose the right puppy for your lifestyle.

Here are a few tips to consider when picking the right puppy:

  • Make sure the puppy is coming from a reputable breeder, someone who has experience or specialized in a specific breed are a good indication. Usually they will be members of a Kennel Club such as the Canadian Kennel club and or other breed specific clubs.
  • Be wary of online puppy ads, some may be scams or pups from puppy mills. Make sure there is a contact number you can call to talk to the breeder in person to book an appointment to see them.
  • Look for a clean environment in the kennel and home. Dirty environments have a more likely chance that your puppy may contract Giardia worms and other Parasites.
  • Be cautious of someone asking to meet at a different location ie, roadside, public places and parking lots.
  • Beware of dog brokers who have no knowledge of the parents
  • Make sure your puppy comes with initial shots and at least 2 dewormings
  • Do not buy from pet shops
  • Make sure to meet the parents and assess their temperaments
  • Make sure all dogs appear lively, active and in good overall health
  • Starvation in small breed dogs. Note if the pups are skinny and bony. Bad breeders may starve the puppies to make them appear smaller or to market them as teacups.

Making the right choices in picking a puppy can ultimately lead to a happy, healthy and long relationship between you and your four legged friend. An educated decision will mean a less likely chance of an unwanted pet finding it’s way to the animal shelter!


What are your tips and experiences on finding your perfect pet companion ? Please feel free to share your experiences by leaving a comment below!

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