Dog Diaper for female dogs your choice of colour



Product Description

Dog Diapers created especially for female dogs! Great for girl puppies in training, or in heat. Also suitable for females who have a tendency to ‘mark’ in the house.

Comfortable and adjustable dog diapers are created with a thick layer of fleece lined with thin waterproof diaper lining layer sewn between the layers (It helps to prevents leaks and prevents staining on the outside material of the diaper) with cotton top and Velcro closure. They are fitted around the openings and feature elastic in the seams for a secure fit. They are stitched for durability to withstand multiple washes!

You may optionally want attach a maxi pad on the inside of the diaper to improve absorbancy. (recommended)


Solid cotton top in your choice of colour with black fleece backing


Measure your dog around the belly snug but not tight and add at least 1/2″ allowance. Dog Diapers are adjustable and can easily loosen or tighten with the velcro opening.

Please contact us if you are not sure of a size. Doggie Diapers are NOT eligible for refunds or exchanges.

XS: Fits a belly circumference of 10 ½” – 12 ½”

SMALL: Fits a belly circumference of 13″ – 15″

MEDIUM: Fits a belly circumference of 15 ½” – 17½”

LARGE: fits a belly circumference of 18″ – 20″

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