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Rescue dog stolen; thieves call to rub it in

July 29, 2013:

A local dog was rescued once, only to find herself in need of rescue again.

Tiger Lily was staying with a family after the five- or six-month old pup was rescued by Happy Trails Adoption Centre.

But last week, the foster family came home to find their West End door wide open, and no dog.

“They first thought she just ran away,” Jill Hollosi from Dog Rescue Education and Advocacy of Manitoba wrote in an e-mail Sunday. “But the foster received a call (Saturday) from the thief saying to ‘stop looking; the dog has already been sold.'”‘

Hollosi says the call came from a non-blocked number, and the foster family forwarded that detail to police

Even though the group was looking for a forever home for Tiger Lily, Hollosi says this isn’t something they can just accept. The dog might be in grave danger, she says.

“There have been quite a few dog thefts over the past year in Manitoba and the outcome is never good. These dogs can go into a dog fighting operations, be used for animal testing, be sold for the thief’s own personal profit or become subject to other types of abuse. It is important to find Tiger Lily, bring her home and let the dog thieves know that as a province, we will not stand for this.”

Anyone who sees Tiger Lily is asked to call or text Karina at 204-782-3591.

She’s described as a sweet, friendly dog who is spayed, tattooed and micro-chipped.

Content Source for Rescue Dog Stolen: Winnipeg Sun

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