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Dogs Get Jealous, Too pet it dogs Canada

Dogs Get Jealous, Too

July 23, 2014 Dog owners were right all along. Our pups really do get jealous when we direct our affection elsewhere—especially when it’s toward another “dog.” Once thought to be too complex an emotion for nonhumans, or perhaps just a social construct, jealousy in canines—and the “pay attention to me” behaviors that arise from it—probably […]

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Montreal SPCA seizes 90 dogs from South Shore puppy mill

September 13, 2013 Breeding dogs, puppies transferred to SPCA for medical attention Ninety dogs seized from a large-scale commercial puppy mill breeding operation on Montreal’s South Shore are now in the care of Montreal’s SPCA, where they will receive medical attention. The agency’s director of animal advocacy, Alanna Devine, says the animals were being kept […]

Luxating Patella or Floating Kneecap – Patellar Luxation

What is the Patella? The patella is the bone we know as the knee cap. The knee cap for dogs and humans both sit in the same place A groove in the end of the femur allows the patella to glide up and down when the knee joint is bent back and forth. The patella […]

The Chihuahua Phenomenon

1 Chihuahua, 2 Chihuahuas, 3 Chihuahuas More…. The chihuahua phenomenon of having more than one chihuahua is not something new. It is everywhere! How many people do you know that have only one chihuahua? If you are thinking about getting ‘only’ one, forget it! They are highly addictive! This phenomenon, “Chi-diction”can be found worldwide! Celebrities […]