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Six former sled dogs at the Burnaby SPCA branch pet it Canada

Six Former Sled Dogs Up For Adoption

July 23, 2014 Six former sled dogs up for adoption at the Burnaby SPCA branch   Six former sled dogs at the Burnaby SPCA branch are looking for their forever homes. The shelter received the dogs from a sled dog operation that was shutting its doors in Pemberton. The company’s tenancy agreement was running out […]

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New Deadly Virus Killing Dogs Circo-Virus

November 13, 2013 Circo-Virus spreading in the U.S. A new virus is hitting dogs throughout the country, and if not treated, it can kill an infected animal in just days. There’s no vaccine, it’s highly infectious, and scientists still can’t say with certainty how it’s transmitted. What is certain is this disease is deadly, especially […]

Britain’s first dog behaviour centre opens

Britain’s First Dog Cognition Centre Opens

November 11, 2013 The centre is headed by dog cognition expert Dr Juliane Kaminski Britain’s first centre dedicated exclusively to studying dogs’ ability to understand humans and the world around them has opened at the University of Portsmouth and dog owners are being encouraged to bring their pets along.   The Dog Cognition Centre has […]

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Dog lost by Air Canada dead

October 28, 2013 Retired dog breeder Jutta Kulic speaks about the death of her dog after it was lost by Air Canada Read More Daily Dog News

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Survey attempts to number Detroit’s stray dogs

September 20, 2013 Detroit Dog Rescue captured and found homes for about 100 stray dogs last year. DETROIT (AP) – It doesn’t matter to Jessie Clarke how many stray or loose dogs are roaming the ruins of Detroit. Even one or two are far too many. On Clarke’s left arm is scar tissue from dozens […]

Dogs found in ‘filthy cages’ as breeding property raided

Breeding property raided More than 100 animals, mostly dogs, were taken from a property that animal welfare campaigners described as having filthy conditions. RSPCA chief executive Tim Vasudeva said the animals from the property near Strathalbyn were being kept at the Lonsdale shelter. “A significant number of pregnant dogs and also mums with young puppies […]