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Toronto Veterinarians Give Murphy A Second Chance

September 20, 2013

Facial tumour removed from Murphy, a seven year old collie-cross

Murphy was brought to Dundas West Animal Hospital in Toronto on September 4, 2013. She had been abandoned by her previous owner who had left her in the care of a friend but never returned. Already having her hands full with a dog of her own, her foster care giver, Vanessa Dewitt, decided the best thing for Murphy was to try and find her a forever home. But Murphy had a distinct feature that made her different from other dogs. Murphy had a tumour about the size of an orange at the front of her mouth. Although Murphy maintained a friendly disposition in spite of it, it made eating and drinking difficult and she was unable to close her mouth. Knowing Murphy would need a special owner who could handle her special medical needs, Vanessa brought her to the Dundas West Animal Hospital to be enrolled in their pet adoption program.

When Murphy first arrived at the hospital, Dr. Scott Bainbridge was amazed at how well Murphy seemed to cope with the size and discomfort of her tumour, a testament to how animals can hide their pain. It was then decided to explore the possibility of removing it. A baseline was established for Murphy’s overall health including a full wellness exam and blood tests. When all of her test results came back favourably, Dr. Bainbridge called on friend and board certified surgeon, Dr. Devon Boyd from Central Toronto Veterinary Referral Clinic (a medicine and surgery referral and emergency hospital) to make the final call on whether or not it would be safe to remove Murphy’s tumour. A CT scan and biopsy confirmed what everyone had hoped, that the mass was indeed operable. On September 17th, Murphy underwent surgery and after successfully removing the mass, Murphy was able to close her mouth and use her tongue properly for the first time in years.the daily dog news Canada

Dr. Bainbridge feels strongly about making sure pet owners understand the commitment of pet ownership, “Although Murphy is a unique case because of her tumour, there are many pets that lose their homes through no fault of their own. If you are considering pet ownership, please consider adopting from your local rescue group or humane society; and ask your local veterinarian for guidance in choosing the right pet for your lifestyle. Knowing what to expect out of pet ownership can help you make the best decision for you and your potential new family member.”

Murphy is a seven year old collie-cross and is described by the staff at Dundas West as a great dog that plays well with other dogs and is very friendly with everyone she meets. Murphy would do best in a home where she gets plenty of exercise as she still has quite a bit of energy for a seven year old!

Murphy must also have access to veterinary care as she will need weekly rechecks while she recovers from her surgery.

Potential adoptees for Murphy will be interviewed by the Dundas West Animal Hospital and references will be required. If you think you may have room in your home and/or family for this special girl, please email: info@dundaswestvets.comthe daily dog news Canada

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