What to expect at your Puppies First Vet Visit


 Puppies First Vet Visit!

When you purchase a puppy from your breeder, your puppy has already been to the vet once at approx. 7 + weeks of age and has received its first check up, de-wormed x3 and set of shots (Canine distemper type 2 para-influenza vaccine). When you bring your puppy home, determine what Vet you will see and trust. Not all vets have experience in small breed dogs, so ask around for references from your friends and family, or even ask us if you do not already have a trusted vet. Your puppies first vet visit should be good one!

Bring your new puppy to the vet 48 hours after bringing him home for a through check up and to ensure a clean bill of health. Vaccinate with second set 4-5 weeks after his first set of shots. Please refer to your vet certificate for exact date of vaccination and bring this record with you. V Please use caution: We recommend this time frame due to the delicate nature of the chihuahua. He is small with very little body mass and has an immune system that is not yet mature. Vaccinations too close together can make him very sick or have adverse reactions. The vaccination administered should be proportionate to the size of the dog however, this is not always the case. Some will administer the same dose wither for a 35lb Great Dane puppy or 1lb chihuahua.

Your vet should:

-Check your puppies ears, eyes, and heart

-Check for responsiveness and general alertness

-Administer 2nd set of vaccinations (Canine Distemper, Parvovirus vaccine) – if age appropriate to do so.

-Take a stool sample you have provided to check for heart worm

-Suggest a flea, tick and heart worm preventative during the warmer months

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