Why clothe your small dog?

Clothing for your dog is much more than a cute accessory !
Here are some more great reasons for dressing your pampered pooch in every season


Why clothe your small dog?

1. Protect your dog from harmful uva/uba rays from the sun. If you love taking your dog out in the summer to the beach or to the dog park a tee or tank will protect his skin from these harmful rays. If your dog is white, cream, beige with pale skin and especially if you have a dog with little or thin hair such as a Chinese crested, always cover them up when they go out. Dogs will not get hotter from wearing tanks in the summer as they do not release heat through their skin as we do. Consider a dog hat as well to help protect your dogs eyes from the sun.

2. Keep long fur from getting matted and tangled in wet and rainy weather. Either we want to or not, dogs have to go out side to use the bathroom in any weather. Keep them clean, dry and smelling good by putting their favorite rain jacket or hoodie with sleeves before they go out in wet weather.

3.Help prevent skin irritants and allergies. Dogs are always in close contact with the ground so dress them to help prevent direct contact with pesticides, fertilizers and other irritants such as ticks and mites in warm weather. Remember young dogs and puppies are even more sensitive to chemicals. Particles can be absorbed into the body and may cause allergies or illness.

4. Protect them from the elements. Along with winter not only comes cold, but also dry windy conditions. Protect your pups skin with warm jacket or hoodie and prevent fur from becoming dry and coarse and tangled. Beware of ice salt and gravel which can dry out, crack and become laughed in your dogs paws. Consider dog boots to protect them in the winter!

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