Ambassador Application

Fill out the form below to be considered for our SS 2021 pet it dogs ambassador program! We really want this new ambassador program to mutually beneficial!

We are looking for pets and their humans who:

- Love dogs & have one in their family

- Have a public Instagram account (dog or human account) that is active regularly

- Love to post about their dogs and dress them up from time to time

- Are out going, friendly and engaging!

- Take quality pictures of their dogs who would allow us to share in our stores, website, feeds, FB etc. (with credit to you of course)

- Will test and provide feedback on products, and will post regularly to on their account in Pet it Dog Apparel

- Would love to collab in a live feed interview!

What's in it for you??

- The opportunity to be featured in our feeds, newsletters and catalogue

- A unique discount code (unlimited use) for your friends & followers

- A unique discount of 40% off for exclusively you to be redeemed once - A free hoodie or product of our choice in your dog's size

- The option to become an affiliate and earn $$ based on every sale that was made using your discount code

- Ambassadors receive exclusive insider stories, product launches and pre-sales first!

Dogs of all sizes and ages are welcome to apply!!