As always, custom made in Canada with 💚 Current Processing time for orders is currently 3-5 days. FREE shipping with $60+ to Canada & USA.
As always, custom made in Canada with 💚 Current Processing time for orders is currently 3-5 days. FREE shipping with $60+ to Canada & USA.
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Why Choose Us?

Thanks for asking!

Pet it Dog Apparel is owned, operated and made in Canada! We help to support our local community by investing in talent close to home. You can feel amazing to support a small team of skilled seamstresses and designers that are dedicated to giving you only the best for your pup, but why else....

We are NOT a one-size-fits-all kinda shop!

Fit - Yep, going to say it, we are kind of a fit specialist for your 4 legged friend. All of our clothing patterns are drafted, revised (then revised again and again and again...) by Erin personally. Through over 10 years of experience tailoring all breeds of dogs, Pet it has learned the body shapes and needs of many breeds. Personally, we have had Chihuahuas, Great Danes and Frenchies, but through our amazing customers we have had the opportunity to clothe thousands of pups world wide! Not sure of your dog's size, or doesn't fit the size chart, or have specific needs? Let us know!

Customer Care - We are - A LOT! We are real people who take great care in ensuring your orders, questions and experience are second to none! From ordering, creation, and packaging - every step start to finish is done with great care and pride. If something isn't right please let us know, if you liked something, tell your friends, snap a pic and share on social, it would mean the world to us!!

Quality - OK, we love to pick out fabrics! Its kind of like Christmas when we can go into the fabric shop and look at all the fun materials and patterns. It - is - so - inspiring! Erin picks and buys all the trims, materials and notions - all from Canadian owned and operated shops. It took us a few tries to get materials right, but though experience we have sourced the best quality arctic fleeces, flannels, and cottons for use in our gear!

Sustainability - We hate to waste - all small pieces are used in some sort of way. Our range of products helps to use up the little stuff (such as our bow ties, and waste bag holders) but the pieces too small to use get snipped up for use as "Eco-Stuffing". This poly / cotton blend stuffing is used to make dog bed inserts which are donated to pets in need, and used by our own dogs. The garment industry currently creates huge amounts of waste, we do not want to be a part of the problem, especially as we scale up!

Style - Gotta have style! We like to think of Pet it as a dog company that is BOTH cute & functional - We have a range of cute costumes based off of our best selling hoodies, training gear to help with the ooops, and cozy and fashion forward gear. Face it, if its ugly no one wants it. Your fur friend will thank you! :)